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Subject: Gori Seeking Well-Adjusted and Kind Desi
Name: Moso
Gender: FEMALE
Height: 5' 3''
Details: I find it hard to describe myself in type. Perhaps I could tell you about my family and my parents' cats. I could tell you about my job mentoring high schoolers and 4th graders, or my career aspirations. I could tell you about the several languages I speak, and how it is that I know a fair amount of Hindi for an American. Maybe I could tell you about the house I recently bought. I don't know! I bet it would be more interesting to read about the weekend I just had. It would probably paint a better picture of me. Besides, the instructions say to "be creative," no? | Saturday: 8AM Woke up and played Cooking Fever on iPhone./ 10:15AM Realized I would be late to dragon boats so I skipped practice, instead made breakfast and socialized with brother and a friend./ 1PM Drove 3-wheeled scooter (Piaggio MP3 250cc) to the French Alliance for French Class./ 4PM Went to Portland Language School for a Spanish class. Discovered I was far too advanced for the class. Will need to find a new study opportunity./ 6:30PM Stopped by a friend's house on the way home./ 7PM Received friends at my house for sister's felt circle-cutting party (to help her prepare for her thesis project.)/ 7:30 Also showed interested parties the available Room-to-Let/ 2:30 Finished circle cutting and drove a girlfriend home./ Sunday: 9AM Woke up and played Cooking Fever/ 10:15AM Went to Body Combat class at 24 Hr Fitness./ 11:30AM cleaned the bathroom./ 12:30 Met a friend for coffee./ 2PM Talked on the phone with girlfriends and surfed the Net. Tried hand at transcribing a conversation into text (it was hard)./ 6:30 Drove to parents' house in Milwaukie for spaghetti Easter dinner with family and family friends. Watched Home Alone, cut more circles, and discussed the merits of getting a teaching license./ 10:15 Helped dad de-clog bathroom sink drain and went home./ 11PM Posted ads to craigslist for open room/room spaces. Also responded to countless "room wanted" ads./ 4:30AM Went to bed for a 2.5 hour nap before the next crazy week begins./
Interested in : Male for Dating
Looking For: The type of person I am interested in is polite and respectful to me and my family. They are comfortable in their own skin but know when to exercise humility. They have a good Samaritan bone in them and would be ok if, when we were together in public, I might volunteer our help to do something. For example, if we passed by a bicyclist with a flat tire, I might offer to carry the bike a few block to help them out. Similarly, if attending a family function, they'd jump right in to help with preparations (whether or not I asked for their help). The ideal guy would know that a solid relationship takes consistent effort from both parties, in addition to chemistry. They would see the value in occasional dates outside the home as well as staying in to do something together. Intimacy would not be limited to the bedroom. They would explain to me Hindi things I don't understand. They would be ok with spontaneous push-up matches or breaking into song! They would help out with housekeeping and share in the meal-preparations (perhaps enjoy cooking together?). They would be ok with my eating beef and pork, even if they themselves did not eat it. Very important to me is that they not be afraid to use or develop their laugh muscles. :)
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