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Historical Event on 3/29/1914

Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram came in India.

Other Historical Dates and Events
11/2/1984Violence following Indira Gandhi's assassination takes heavy toll.
8/29/1931Gandhi arrives in London for second Round Table Conference on India.
8/21/1997Government extends the provision of the payment of Gratuity Act, 1972 to all those societies and trusts which employed 10 or more people.
4/10/1937Shridhar Vyanktesh Ketkar, creator of Maharashtra Gyankosh and Sociologist, passed away.
9/14/1992Three days of heavy rains cause flooding in northern India and Pakistan claiming 2,500 lives.
7/13/1912Shriman Narayan, educationist, administrator and diplomat, was born in Etawah, U.P.
10/30/1947The government rejects Kashmir's decision to join India in Pakistan.
10/30/1996Pop star Michael Jackson arrives in Bombay.
7/3/1975Virendrakishor Roy Chaudhary, famous music director, passed away.
7/3/1991Rupee devalued again from 10.58 to 10.96\% .