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Historical Event on 3/29/1954

Indian Institute of Public Administration inaugurated.

Other Historical Dates and Events
1/14/1761The third and last battle of Panipat, fought between the Marathas and the Afghan invader Ahmad Shah Abadli, started. The Marathas lost 28,000 soldiers and were virtually routed in North India thus ending the Maratha hegemony.
3/17/1995Congress-I in Arunachal Pradesh wins two-third majority.
3/24/1968The second Indian-made rocket 'Menaka' successfully launched at the Thumba station.
5/24/1875Sir Sayed Ahmed Khan established Mohmmad Anglo Oriental School which was renamed in 1920 as 'Aligarh Muslim University'.
3/21/1921Indian National Congress decided it's Flag.
3/14/1993India seeks Interpol's assistance in investigating the sources of bomb blasts in Bombay.
11/19/1996Krishnarao Shiva Shelvankar, journalist and diplomat, passed away at 90.
3/28/1990Bengal beat Delhi in rained-out cricket Ranji Trophy final on quotient.
1/1/1862Indian Penal Code and code of Criminal Procedure passed on October 6, 1860 came into force.
7/1/1968Asia's biggest nuclear research lab started in New Delhi.