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Historical Event on 3/29/1989

Central Institute of Fisheries Education gets the distinction of becoming the first Fisheries University in India.

Other Historical Dates and Events
2/8/1921Chamber prince of a Royal Proclamation was inaugurated.
2/8/1921The famous Vijaynagar Hindu Empire established (1336-1565-1646), Deccan region of South India is founded. European visitors are overwhelmed by the wealth and advancement of its 17-square-mile capital.
5/23/1805Lord Wellesley, Governer General of India, issued a permanent provision for the Delhi Mughal Emperor.
9/19/1950U. N. Assembly rejects Indian-Soviet proposal to admit Communist China in New York.
11/8/2000Queen Ingrid (90), Denmark's Swedish born queen mother and great-grand daughter of Britain's Queen Victoria, died in Copenhagen.
4/30/1909Kirpal Prem Nath, educationist, was born at Moga (Punjab).
12/30/1949India recognizes People's Republic of China.
6/2/2000Justice A. M. Ahmadi, former Chief Justice of India, appointed Chairman of the Advisory Committee of the Rajiv Gandhi National Sadbhavana Award.
1/28/1937Suman Kalyanpurkar, famous singer, was born.
1/28/1937Pedro Alvaris, Portugese businessman, reached Calicut and established the first European factory in India.